street art


dedicated to the CUSTOM 2019 Resita. (in collaboration with the artist Irlo)

Undertown Street Art Gallery - 2019 Timisoara (in collaboration with the artist Jones)

dedicated to the FLIGHT 2019 Timisoara.

2019 - dedicated "Commemoration 30 years on from revolution" - European Capital of Culture project in collaboration with the artists: Alex Baciu, Irlo, Flaviu Roua

2017 - dedicated to the Baroc Architectural Heritage of Timisoara

2017 Kassel - Germany “In search of lost youth!”

2017 Toulouse France

During FISART 2016 I created a Mural dedicated to the Jugendstil architecture, used at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century in Timisoara.

Also during FISART 2015 at PASMATEX I did the so called “Children” Mural painted mainly on the windows of the indoor stair case.

Last but not least during FISART 2015 I created a cartoon like work on an unpleasant looking garage doors also at PASMATEX.

2015 - "Dance of Nudes" - Pasmatex Timisoara

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